queerfilm festival Bremen

Sprache / Language

das schwul-lesbisch-trans* Filmfestival in Bremen


English text will be available soon! 


About us

We are about a dozen film enthusiasts with and without personal LGBT*IQ background who work on 359 days of the year to prepare a queer film program. This includes (but is not restricted to): doing film research, viewing and discussing films (within the Bremen group, on festivals such as the "Berlinale" or with other festival teams), procuring movies, and making subtitles. The result of these efforts can be seen on the remaining six days of of the year, at the festival in October.

Want to join us?

We meet regularly on Thursdays. Anyone who wants to join us is most welcome!

Just send us an e-mail:

info (at) queerfilm.de



Funding and Donations

The queerfilm festival Bremen is not only made possible by the voluntary work of many film enthusisasts and the support of the CITY 46 team - we also depend on financial support to be able to present the high-quality film program our audience has enjoyed for more than 25 years. 

If you wish to fund our festival, you can do this in many different ways: You may, for example, place an ad in our festival program brochure or in our trailer that is shown before every performance.
Please contact info (at) queerfilm.de for more information or special arrangements. 

Donations are also much appreciated. Please write to spenden (at) queerfilm.de for more information. 




If you'd like to submit a film for 2020 (deadline: May 31, 2020), please send a preview (online link or DVD) of your film to the address below. Include the following information and use the suggested e-mail subject.

Subject: Submission 2020: [title]

  • title
  • length
  • film info: documentary/drama/etc., queer/lesbian/gay/trans/etc.
  • country
  • year of production
  • director
  • language
  • subtitles
  • contact details

Please include press material and stills if available.



queerfilm festival Bremen
c/o CITY 46
Birkenstr. 1
28195 Bremen

or via e-mail:


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