queerfilm festival Bremen

Sprache / Language

das schwul-lesbisch-trans* Filmfestival in Bremen


1 kurzfilmstreifen 2020

Tuesday, 19:00 (Location: Spedition)
Sunday, 20:00 (Location: CITY 46)


Length aprox. 107 Min.

Original with German subtitles and German with English subtitles.

The evening starts with the end of a long date in 6:23 AM. In BLACK HAT, the main character finds more than just their lost hat and THE ORPHAN tells the story of a child who experiences rejection for being different. SKIES ARE NOT JUST BLUE documents the stories of four people and how their identities as queer and Muslim harmonise with each other, and a party flirt in BOLDLY GO leads to an unexpected revelation. STRANGERS tells of a romance in old age, and BATHROOM PRIVILEGES describes discriminating situations in public bathrooms.
Afterwards, HOW TO MAKE A RAINBOW accompanies the life of a mother and her child and as the evening draws to an end, REVOLVO's protagonists take revenge.

Content warning: mention of suicide (Skies Are Not Just Blue)

2 kurzfilmstreifen 2020


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