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das schwul-lesbisch-trans* Filmfestival in Bremen













las hija del fuego

Friday, 17:00 (Location: CITY 46)
Saturday, 22:00 (Location: CITY 46)


Argentina | 2018 | Direction: A. Carri | 115 Min. |

Spanish with German subtitles


From Tierra del Fuego to the southern tip of Patagonia, three friends embark on a road trip in which they explore the freedom of their sexuality. One of them wants to shoot a porno, the second wants to save her family's Gran Torino, the third is wanted by the police after getting into a bar fight with homophobes. Throughout a breathtaking landscape, director Albertina Carri, one of the most prominent representatives of New Argentinian Cinema, unfolds an explicit, poetic and sensual journey towards the freedom of sexual identities beyond claims of possession and monogamous ways of loving. Porno polyamorous.

Content warning: explicit sex scenes

Suk Suk

suk suk

Friday, 19:30 (Location: City 46)


Hongkong I 2019 I Direction: R. Yeung I 92 Min. I

Cantonese with German subtitles


Pak has been a taxi driver in Hong Kong his whole life and can't quite let go of work yet. While cruising in the park he meets Hoi. Hoi is already retired and, like Pak, has grandchildren. Calmly and subtly, the film observes the two getting closer - and how difficult it is to break out of one's own social conventions and deal with issues such as isolation in old age, traditional family roles and religiously motivated homophobia.

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Friday, 22:00 (Location: CITY 46)
Sunday, 17:30 (Location: CITY 46)


Germany | 2020 | Direction: J. M. Schmit | 82 Min. |

German with English subtitles


Markus owns an ostrich farm in the Uckermark region and takes attentive care of his grandmothers. Out of his loneliness, grows the desire to live in a queer community in a big city like Berlin. In his new apartment, his boxes are already waiting for him to unpack. Then he falls in love with Duc. Tucké Royale's screenplay and acting depicts queerness on the countryside in a glorious triviality. Even through the summer solitude of the Brandenburg, the tender interaction of all participants is refreshing, in front as well as behind the camera.

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