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Colors of Tobi

Colors of Tobi - pictures from the movie

Friday, 18:00 (Location: City 46)


Hungary| 2021 | Direction: Alexa Bakony | 81 Min. |

Hungarian with German subtitles


Tobi and his mom Éva are having a hard time. After the teenager Tobi outed himself as trans*male, the family is faced with the daily bureaucratic and financial challenges of his transition process. Tobi struggles with the ideals of masculinity he wants to match and does not know how things will evolve after school. Meanwhile, Éva tries to unconditionally support her child on his way, but is also confronted with her inner conflicts. With great sympathy, Alexa Bakony’s documentary focusses on Tobi and his mother and their family life in the right-wing conservative Hungary.

Content warning: Deadnaming

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