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Cicada - pictures from the movie

Freitag, 20:00 (Location: City 46)


USA | 2020 | Direction: Matthew Fifer, Kieran Mulcare | 96 Min. |

English with German subtitles


New York, summer 2013: Ben, a young bisexual man, spends his days living in Brooklyn and taking on a series of odd jobs, while having meaningless one-night stands at night. One day he meets Sam, a gay data analyst. They quickly grow close to each other, but their young relationship is put to the test by the traumata both experienced. It quickly becomes clear that their relationship can only survive if they face their dark past. Cicada is the feature film debut of Matthew Fifer and Kieran Mulcare and is based on the life experiences of Matthew Fifer (director, screenwriter) and Sheldon Brown (co-screenwriter) who also play the two lead roles in the film.

Content warning: Depiction of anti-black racism, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder

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