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Voguementary Double

Voguementary Double - pictures from the movie

Friday, 22:00 (Location: City 46)


LEGENDARY | USA | 2019 | Direction: Raishad M. Hardnett, Cassie Owens, Lauren Schneiderman | 19 Min. |

FABULOUS | French-Guiana | 2019 | Direction: Audrey Jean-Baptiste | 46 Min. |

Original versions with German subtitles


Two captivating short documentaries highlight voguing in the light of community work and get us in the mood of dancing, dipping and arm twirls: LEGENDARY offers a historical and cultural crash course about the ballroom scene in Philadelphia. The film is part of an interactive web project for the 30th anniversary of the Philly Ballroom and is only rarely shown in cinema. The second film, FABULOUS, presents Voguing-star Lasseindra Ninja. After working e.g. in New York, France and Brazil, Lasseindra returns home to French Guiana to teach voguing there for the first time. An evening full of self-empowerment, freedom of expression and music!

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