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das schwul-lesbisch-trans* Filmfestival in Bremen

Online Movies - 27.10.-7.11.

For people who don't have the chance to come to the queerfilm festival in person, we offer four movies for in an online streaming format.

The four movies are available online in Germany from 27.10.– 7.11.2021 on the digital Movie-Plattform of Cinema CITY 46: https://city46.cinemalovers.de

After buying a digital ticket you can stream the movie for 48 hours. Therefore you need to register once (username and password). The VoD plattform Cinemalovers works GDPR compliant and develops solidaric offers for digital film supply in cooperation with festivals, film distributors and (local) cinemas.

You can pay the digital ticket per movie with credit card, PayPal or SEPA bank transfer. Likewise you can combine it with a montly abo and use the full online program of the local cinema CITY 46.

Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to offer the solidaric price system for the online movies. Thanks for your understanding. Tickets cost 4 € per movie.

Below you can find the films of the online program:


Topp 3 animation movie - pictures from the movie

Available online 27.10.-7.11.


Sweden | 2019 | Direction: Sofie Edvardsson | 45 Min.

Swedisch with German subtitles


Anton doesn't really like himself, but even more his comfortable life in rural North Sweden - and David. The feelings for each other are mutual, but unfortunately they are miles apart. While Anton is getting less thrilled through his economics studies in Stockholm, David is on the road in Japan. After all-nighters spent chatting together and visits to Japan and India, they realise they are pulled towards different directions: into the world or back home. With pop colours, cute animations and lots of lists, illustrator Sofie Edvardsson's debut narrates briefly about the ups and downs of a couple who simply cannot find the answer to the question of how their life together should look like.

Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve - pictures from the movie

Sunday, 19:30 (Location: City 46)

Available online 27.10.-7.11.


USA | 2020 | Direction: Jen Rainin, Rivkah Beth Medow | 98 Min. |

English with German subtitles


The US documentary is based on the true story of Franco Stevens, one of the most influential women in lesbian history and founding editor of Curve Magazine, the best-selling lesbian lifestyle magazine of all time. Franco Stevens offers insights into the magazine's founding, its rise in the 1990s, and its transformation today. During her time at the magazine, she helped lay a foundation for many political movements in the US that today's activists continue.

Content warning: Mention of gambling

My Name is Baghdad / Meu Nome é Bagdá

My Name is Baghdad - pictures from the movie

Thursday, 20:30 (Location: City 46)

Available online: 27.10.-7.11.


Brasil | 2020 | Direction: Caru Alves de Souza | 99 Min. |

Portugese with German subtitles


Cap on and camera on: Bagdá skateboards through São Paulo and let’s nobody silence her. Bagdá has short hair, worn sneakers and chains around her neck. Even though it’s not always easy at home, the female* household sticks together. Together they either help their little, alien-fascinated sister to produce a NASA application video or they visit the hairdresser’s shop that is run by friends from the LGBTQI* community. As the main character, also the audience glides through the movie. Confident, fresh and with a lot of momentum the problematic sides of the cis-male dominated skateboarding scene are fought. At the end it’s about empowering solidarity among queers, no matter whether with or without a board.

Content warning: Depiction of police brutality, hetero- and cissexism, sexual violence

Love, Spells and all that / AŞK, BÜYÜ VS.

Love, Spells and all that - pictures from the movie

Saturday, 20:30 (Location: City 46)

Available online 27.10.-7.11.


Turkey | 2019 | Direction: Ümit Ünal | 96 Min. |

Turkish with German subtitles


After 20 years abroad, Eren returns to her home island of Buyukada to find her teen love Reyhan. When Eren's father, an influential minister, found out about the secret love, he forced Eren to study abroad, and had Reyhan's family expelled from the island. After the death of her parents, Eren now wants to win back the love, leave with her and start a new life. But Reyhan has doubts about the authenticity of her feelings. This is probably due to the love spell that she cast in her desperation, 20 years ago. In search for the magician who is able to reverse it, the two get closer and experience summer love and the island again. Umit Unal's eighth play is well-conceived, right up to the supporting actors, that can be read as a comment on the current social situation in Turkey. With intense dialogues and warm colours, he transmits a summery-melancholic ambivalence of being in love.

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