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das schwul-lesbisch-trans* Filmfestival in Bremen


Topp 3 animation movie - pictures from the movie

Available online 27.10.-7.11.


Sweden | 2019 | Direction: Sofie Edvardsson | 45 Min.

Swedisch with German subtitles


Anton doesn't really like himself, but even more his comfortable life in rural North Sweden - and David. The feelings for each other are mutual, but unfortunately they are miles apart. While Anton is getting less thrilled through his economics studies in Stockholm, David is on the road in Japan. After all-nighters spent chatting together and visits to Japan and India, they realise they are pulled towards different directions: into the world or back home. With pop colours, cute animations and lots of lists, illustrator Sofie Edvardsson's debut narrates briefly about the ups and downs of a couple who simply cannot find the answer to the question of how their life together should look like.

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