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The Surrogate

The Surrogate - pictures from the movie

Saturday, 18:00 (Location: City 46)

USA | 2020 | Direction: Jerry Hersh | 93 Min. |

English with German subtitles


Jess agrees to act as surrogate for her best friend Josh and his husband Aaron. After twelve weeks, however, a diagnosis turns all of their lives upside down: a prenatal test reveals that the child will most likely have Down syndrome (trisomy 21). This puts their friendship to the test, because they have to make a decision that will change their lives. Can they find a way to live with the consequences? The almost documentary-like movie deals with politically charged issues, such as race, eugenics, gender identity and sexual orientation, disability rights and abortion in a complexity that is rarely shown on screen in such a thoughtful and balanced way.

Content warning: Depiction of anti-black racism, ableism, mention of abortion

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