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Love, Spells and all that / AŞK, BÜYÜ VS.

Love, Spells and all that - pictures from the movie

Saturday, 20:30 (Location: City 46)

Available online 27.10.-7.11.


Turkey | 2019 | Direction: Ümit Ünal | 96 Min. |

Turkish with German subtitles


After 20 years abroad, Eren returns to her home island of Buyukada to find her teen love Reyhan. When Eren's father, an influential minister, found out about the secret love, he forced Eren to study abroad, and had Reyhan's family expelled from the island. After the death of her parents, Eren now wants to win back the love, leave with her and start a new life. But Reyhan has doubts about the authenticity of her feelings. This is probably due to the love spell that she cast in her desperation, 20 years ago. In search for the magician who is able to reverse it, the two get closer and experience summer love and the island again. Umit Unal's eighth play is well-conceived, right up to the supporting actors, that can be read as a comment on the current social situation in Turkey. With intense dialogues and warm colours, he transmits a summery-melancholic ambivalence of being in love.

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