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Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity - pictures from the movie

Saturday, 22:30 (Location: City 46)


USA | 2019 | Direction: Molly Hewitt | 91 Min. |

English with German subtitles


Trinity works as a dominatrix in Chicago. When she sniffs from a mysterious spray can, a previously unknown gift presents itself: she can talk to the dead! Confused, she seeks advice from a cast of colorful characters (priests, drag queens, witches) to learn their spiritual practices. As she continues to take the drug, reality and hallucination blur. Still, she realizes the power she now has - and the responsibility. An artsy-trashy drug frenzy movie with wicked color design and steep costumes and props, by and with Chicago's queer community.

Content warning: Depiction of drug usage

Halloween Special: A little surprise awaits queers in drag!

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