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our dance of revolution

Wednesday, 19:00 (Location: Spedition)
Sunday, 15:00 (Location: City 46)


Canada | 2019 | Direction: P. Pike | 102 Min. |

English with German subtitles


"We are people of revolution. We are here because others have rebelled. Because others have stood in solid resistance!"
Phillip Pike's documentary tells the story of Toronto's black queer and trans* community. Diverse, cross-generational accounts are dedicated to the struggles for visibility and against police violence in building a powerful black queer community that today culminates in Toronto's chapter of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

The film shows the courage, tenacity, dedication and creativity with which activist communities and discourses have been built, the organization of safer and more life-affirming spaces, and last but not least, always gives room for dance in this queer black revolution!

Content warning: verbal aggression against black people



Friday, 22:00 (Location: CITY 46)
Sunday, 17:30 (Location: CITY 46)


Germany | 2020 | Direction: J. M. Schmit | 82 Min. |

German with English subtitles


Markus owns an ostrich farm in the Uckermark region and takes attentive care of his grandmothers. Out of his loneliness, grows the desire to live in a queer community in a big city like Berlin. In his new apartment, his boxes are already waiting for him to unpack. Then he falls in love with Duc. Tucké Royale's screenplay and acting depicts queerness on the countryside in a glorious triviality. Even through the summer solitude of the Brandenburg, the tender interaction of all participants is refreshing, in front as well as behind the camera.


1 kurzfilmstreifen 2020

Tuesday, 19:00 (Location: Spedition)
Sunday, 20:00 (Location: CITY 46)


Length aprox. 107 Min.

Original with German subtitles and German with English subtitles.

The evening starts with the end of a long date in 6:23 AM. In BLACK HAT, the main character finds more  than just their lost hat and THE ORPHAN tells the story of a child who experiences rejection for being different. SKIES ARE NOT JUST BLUE documents the stories of four people and how their identities as queer and Muslim harmonise with each other, and a party flirt in BOLDLY GO leads to an unexpected revelation. STRANGERS tells of a romance in old age, and BATHROOM PRIVILEGES describes discriminating situations in public bathrooms.
Afterwards, HOW TO MAKE A RAINBOW accompanies the life of a mother and her child and as the evening draws to an end, REVOLVO's protagonists take revenge.

Content warning: mention of suicide (Skies Are Not Just Blue)

2 kurzfilmstreifen 2020

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