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My Name is Baghdad / Meu Nome é Bagdá

My Name is Baghdad - pictures from the movie

Thursday, 20:30 (Location: City 46)

Available online: 27.10.-7.11.


Brasil | 2020 | Direction: Caru Alves de Souza | 99 Min. |

Portugese with German subtitles


Cap on and camera on: Bagdá skateboards through São Paulo and let’s nobody silence her. Bagdá has short hair, worn sneakers and chains around her neck. Even though it’s not always easy at home, the female* household sticks together. Together they either help their little, alien-fascinated sister to produce a NASA application video or they visit the hairdresser’s shop that is run by friends from the LGBTQI* community. As the main character, also the audience glides through the movie. Confident, fresh and with a lot of momentum the problematic sides of the cis-male dominated skateboarding scene are fought. At the end it’s about empowering solidarity among queers, no matter whether with or without a board.

Content warning: Depiction of police brutality, hetero- and cissexism, sexual violence

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