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das schwul-lesbisch-trans* Filmfestival in Bremen












Shortfilm Opening Night

Shortfilm Opening Night - pictures from the movie

Tuesday, 19:00 (Location: City 46)


93 Min. | Original versions with German subtitles


We travel to Puerto Rico to LA AMANTE/ THE MISTRESS for a reunion of two friends and see how aging can give life a new direction. In TRIBUNAL, in the context of an asylum case, a gay man faces pressure before an Australian court, to "prove" his queerness. Afterwards, in MY BROTHER IS A MERMAID, we dive into an English seaside town and meet two siblings who share a special relationship. The animated film KAPAEMAHU tells us a hawaiian legend about healing practices of indigenous third-gender Māhū people. In BREAKWATER/ QUEBRAMAR, a group of friends from São Paulo travel to a deserted beach and create a place of freedom and community. Afterwards Carey introduces us to his first date: THE ONE YOU NEVER FORGET. GAY AS IN HAPPY bids us farewell with queer joy and tells of resilience.

Content warning: Furneral scences (LA AMANTE); depictions of: anti-black racism, physical violence (TRIBUNAL), cissexism, bullying, suicide attempt (MY BROTHER IS A MERMAID), colonial violence (KAPAEMAHU), suicide; mention of abuse (GAY AS IN HAPPY)

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