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Unsound - pictures from the movie

with guests and probably sign language interpretation

Wednesday, 18:00 (Ort: City 46)

Australia, United Arab Emirates | 2020 | Direction: Ian Watson | 88 min | English, Auslan (Australian Sign Language) with German subtitles

After Noah, a guitarist and musician, quitted his tour and comes back to Sydney, he does not know what to do with himself. After a fight with his mother, Noah seeks solace elsewhere, and soon meets the passionate Finn in a nightclub of the local deaf community. Finn, being deaf himself, is not yet open for his first relationship as he is on the precipice of diving into his trans journey. Together, the gets closer to each other and find common ground, sharing their languages - Noah's music and Finn's signs - with one another. They need to move carefully, to not lose themselves on their shared journey.

Content warning: Deadnaming

Her Mothers / Anyáim Története

Her Mothers - pictures from the movie

Wednesday, 20:30 (Location: City 46)

Hungary | 2020 | Direction: Asia Dér, Sara Haragonics | 75 Min.
Hungarian with German subtitles

Virág und Nóra meet each other on a political demonstration in anti-queer Hungary. After retiring from politics, they decide in spite of all hostility and repression to adopt a child and entirely focus on starting a family. The directors closely accompany both women through the adoption process and through first tensions. While Virág blossoms in her role as a mother, Nóra has a hard time in finding her place in the family. In the end they have a difficult decision to make: Should the small family give in to the right-wing pressure and leave their country?

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